How to Type With Voice in Google Docs

With so much high tech around us, it feels like we’re stuck in the 20th century still having to use our hands to type. However, unbeknownst to most users you can actually type with voice in Google Docs.

Type With Voice in Google Docs

In fact, not only can you type with text, but you can also use voice commands to edit and format your document.

All this functionality comes built into Google’s productivity suite; the only caveat being that only Google Chrome supports this functionality.

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Type with Voice in Google Docs

The text to speech functionality in Google Docs has significantly improved over the years, it now even allows you to input punctuation and has additional voice commands to format your document.

In a few simple steps you can get started and type with your voice in Google Docs.

1. Click on Tools > Voice Typing

In Google Chrome, create a new Google Doc that you can use to type with your voice.

Once the Google Doc is open, click on Tools from the top menu bar and then click on Voice Typing.

Voice Typing Option in Google Docs

2. Grant permission to use your microphone

Once you click on the voice typing option, you will see a microphone appear on the left side of your screen.

Google Docs Type With Voice Microphone

Click on the microphone icon and you will see a pop-up asking you to give Google Docs permission to use your computer’s mic.

Click on Allow from the pop-up to grant Google Docs permission to use your mic.

Allow Google Docs Access to Microphone

3. Type with your voice

Now all you have to do is start speaking and Google Docs will start typing your words onto the document.

Make sure you are speaking in a clear voice and loud enough for your voice to be picked up by the microphone.

Once you are done talking, click on the microphone icon once again to turn it off.

Turn Off Google Docs Microphone

4. Add Punctuations

A well written paragraph will contain punctuations in the correct place. You can even ask Google Docs to add a punction by saying any of these words:

  • Period
  • Comma
  • Exclamation mark
  • Question mark
  • New Line
  • New paragraph

For example, if you say: “I had a great time hanging out at the mall yesterday period. I shopped comma ate some food and saw the new showroom period”, Google Docs will type the sentences with the punctuations in the exact places you said them as seen below.

Google Docs Voice Typing Punctuations

5. Additional Voice commands

As mentioned earlier, not only can you type with voice in Google Docs, you can also edit and format the document using voice commands.

Here is a list of some of our favorite commands:

  • Selecting Text: “select [word/phrase, all, next/last line, next/last paragraph, next/last word]”
  • Formatting: “bold, italicize, underline, apply heading [1-6], apply normal text, uppercase”
  • Text Color/Font Size: “text color [color], highlight, increase font size, font size [6-400]
  • Edit Document: “copy, paste, delete [word/phrase], insert equation, insert page break”
  • Navigate Document: “go to start/end of [paragraph, line, document]”

There are many other commands that are supported in Google Docs, and you can view the entire list by clicking on the little question mark near the microphone icon.

View More Type With Text Commands in Google Docs

Type with Voice in Google Docs on Android and iPhone

The steps to type with voice in Google Docs are a bit different for those making use of the Google Docs app on their smartphones.

1. Open a new Google Doc or a current one you want to type in with your voice.

2. Tap anywhere in the document to open the on-screen keyboard.

3. Tap on the microphone icon that appears on your keyboard.

Microphone Icon in Google Docs App

Note: If you do not see a microphone icon on your phone’s keyboard, you can download the Gboard keyboard app.

4. You may see a pop-up asking to enable dictation. From the pop-up tap on Enable dictation

5. Start speaking and Google Docs will start typing your words onto the document.

If you want to return back to your normal keyboard, simply tap on the little keyboard icon from the bottom.

All the same commands listed above will still work in the app.