How to Delete Blank Rows in Excel

Some people prefer having a dataset with blank spaces, but others absolutely detest it.

Delete Blank Rows in Excel

Instead of manually finding and deleting each blank row, you can have Excel do the hard work for you.

In this tutorial we will be showing you 2 different ways to delete blank rows in Excel.

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Easy Way to Remove Blank Rows in Excel

Excel’s find and select function makes it very easy to remove blank rows.

1. Make sure you are on the Home tab and click on Find & Select.

Find and Select Option in Excel

2. From the dropdown menu, click on Go to Special

Go to Special Option in Excel

3. Select Blanks from the pop-up window and then click on Ok

Go to Special Blanks Option in Excel

You will now notice that all the blank cells have been selected.

Blank Rows Selected in Excel

Tip: In case Excel has selected a blank cell that you do not want to delete (like in the example below) then simply hold the Ctrl key and click on the cell to unselect it. On Mac computers, press the Command key and then click on the cell to unselect it.

Wrong Blank Cell Selected in Excel

4. Click on the Delete option (See image below)

Delete Option in Excel

The blank rows will now be deleted from your dataset.

Traditional Way to Remove Blank Rows

Before Excel introduced the Find & select shortcut, most users would delete blank rows using the filter and delete method.

Here is how this method works.

1. Select your entire dataset (See image below)

Select Dataset in Excel

2. Click on the Data Tab and then click on the Filter option

Create a Filter in Excel

3. Click on the dropdown icon from any of the columns

Dropdown Icon in Excel Columns

4. Now click on the Select All option to uncheck all the boxes.

Uncheck Select All Option in Excel

5. Next click on the (Blanks) option to only display the blank cells.

Display Only Blanks in Excel Filter

6. Select all the blank rows in your dataset (the row number will be highlighted in blue)

Select Blank Rows in Excel

Tip: To select rows, click on the first blue row and then while holding down the Shift key, click on the last blue row.

7. Now right click on any of the blue numbers and then click on Delete Row from the dropdown menu.

Delete Row Option in Excel

8. Now click on the Filter icon from the top once again and you will now see your dataset displayed with all the blank rows removed.

Dataset With Blank Rows Removed in Excel